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There are many ways you can play those Windows PC games on your Mac. After all, Macs have been standard Intel PCs that come with a different operating system preinstalled since These days, many of the games you already own probably have Mac versions available. The big digital PC gaming storefronts all have Mac clients.

How to Play Windows PC Games on a Mac

You can install Steam , Origin , Battle. If you purchase the game for Mac, you should have access to the Windows version, too. Even games available outside of storefronts may offer Mac versions. For example, Minecraft supports Mac, too. Virtual Machines : Virtual machines are often the ideal way to run Windows desktop applications on your Mac, as you can run them on your Mac desktop.

However, virtual machines add overhead.

Modern virtual machine programs have improved support for 3D graphics, but 3D graphics will still run much more slowly than they would in Boot Camp. Wine : Wine is a compatibility layer that allows you to run Windows software on Mac and Linux.

Native Mac Gaming

However, Wine is an incomplete product and is not perfect. You can also sign in and browse the Steam store via the website so you can find and buy games on the go, all of which will be scheduled to download the next time you launch Steam. GOG is another gaming service that has a great back catalogue in older games.

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It's not as well known as Steam but it has an increasing library of Mac games that you can buy. Similar to Steam, if the game is available for Windows and OS X, you can buy once and run on either operating system. In addition, You will need to check back with the website should any updates be released.

For the casual gamer or for someone who enjoys nostalgia, GOG is a growing name that is worth checking out. Many Mac users who play games regularly will no doubt tell you that if you want to play games on the Mac, Boot Camp is the way to go. Although this means you have to restart the Mac if you want to switch from one operating system to the other, it lets you run Windows natively.

Mac App Store is the simplest way to find and download apps for your Mac.

Your Windows games will have direct access to the hardware such as graphics card which means it is the best way to run high-performance games. Why is this important?

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You need to purchase a copy of Windows. For that, you need to buy one separately which is an additional cost. Installing Windows requires partitioning your hard drive with a fixed amount of space. For occasional use or if restarting your Mac is too much of a chore, you have the option to use something like Parallels or VMWare Fusion. Virtualisation is the method of running two or more operating systems concurrently.

This gives you all the benefits of Boot Camp but with greater control of hard disk space and not needing to restart your Mac. However, it still has some drawbacks. Just like the Boot Camp installation, you need to purchase a copy of Windows. Whilst virtualisation software works extremely well when it comes to the processors in our Macs, the same cannot be said for the graphics cards. Companies such as NVIDIA are working towards new graphics cards that take advantage of virtualisation and software, such as Parallels and VMWare Fusion, has had huge developments in allowing some more advanced graphics features.

So what should you use? But overall, I would actually recommend two options - Boot Camp and Steam. I would stay in the Windows environment when playing games since my saved games and gaming content will be there but if you ever decide to remove Steam or Boot Camp, at least you still have some games that are Mac compatible.

Save Now. Subscribe Sign In. Web Design. Game Development. Computer Skills. Learning Guides. Computer Skills Media. Media OS X. You can see what operating systems each games supports by viewing the small platform icons in Steam. GOG provides older games from yesteryear.

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Boot Camp provides a way of installing Windows directly on your Mac. Installing Boot Camp is quite easy to do - just make sure you read the instructions. You can customise your Windows installation using the Boot Camp Assistant. Boot Camp and Steam make a great combination. Jordan Merrick. I'm a technology writer and web designer living in the UK. I write for a number of Apple-related sites, including Sparsebundle.

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