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Whitmore are of the opinion that this word indicates a separate group of Chinese or expatriate Chinese, or Chinese Vietnamese, or Vietnamese collaborators, but not the Ming Chinese. Then there was a footnote which showed that a Zhou clan Ming did not follow these customs. I would argue that those are indirect and circumstantial evidence at best. There was nothing in there that said what you said, i. Ming court or Ming China. There is no mystery about what this term means in this document.

Ngô Thanh Vân gây sốt với ảnh nude 90% nằm trên ngựa đá – Tin Tức Khắp Thế Giới

It does not indicate a group of other Chinese or the collaborators. It indicates a regime, a dynasty, or a country. And how is this document related to the BNDC? In short, if we are to use extraneous documents to explain another document, it is best that they are related and written by the same person s. And we would want touse an interpretation that is the clearest.

Ngô Thanh Vân lộ hình xăm mới ở vai, cánh tay(Tin tức Sao Việt)

Here it is used to criticize the Ming, but in the Du dia chi the Ming are praised while the Ngo are criticized. We can see a big difference between the two versions. In mine, the author clearly makes a distinction between the language and costume of his country versus the languages and costumes of the other, foreign countries.

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Because it is clear that the Viet or the country of Dai Viet were not under Yuan rule and therefore never followed Yuan customs. Unlike your reference, he did not draw a distinction between two supposedly existent groups of Chinese: What I see is that he was very proud that his own country along with the Ming and the Song did not follow the customs of the Yuan. That term would include the Chinese living in Vietnam as well as Chinese living in China or anything that is Chinese. It is slightly derogatory but also very common and means anything that is Chinese or China itself.

I am way out of my depth in this area of study, but I find it really interesting. I have an underlying question.

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This was a period of time when few people were able to travel to encounter distant people. I suppose that diplomats and the military could have. But the mass of population probably just rolled with the events of their immediate environment. I tend to think, like I think Mr.

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  8. The correction of this diversity was a necessary political step to creating greater unity within the region. I imagine that it was a bit of a hodgepodge. Some people were probably multi-lingual or spoke various pidgin languages.

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    The Ngô in the Dư Địa Chí were not the Ming

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