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Setting up Macintosh OS X 10 Web browsers for multilingual and Unicode support

This is true even if the default 8-bit code page is not able to represent these characters. For example, on a regular English Windows XP system it is perfectly possible to have Greek or Cyrillic characters in a filename, although these characters cannot be represented in the default Latin code page.

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Switch is fully Unicode enabled and for optimal operation it requires a configured third-party application to be Unicode enabled as well. In other words Switch requires that the third-party application:.

Performs all text communication with Switch using an appropriate and well-defined character encoding as explained in more detail below. In our experience, a command line application can simply take a file path from the command line as an 8-bit string and pass it through to a regular UNIX or Mac OS file system call even if the command line application itself is not Unicode aware. Since the functions of the Switch Process class use UTF-8 to invoke command line applications, things will automatically work correctly.

On Windows the functions of the Switch Process class use Windows-specific Unicode-enabled function calls to invoke command line applications.

How to Determine File Encoding in Mac OS by Command Line

If this is not feasible, at the very least the encoding used must be well-defined and documented, and it should follow these guidelines:. We chose this opportunity to convert the code base fully to Unicode.

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The other obvious choice would have been to port to Shift-JIS, a popular encoding for Japanese characters. However, we decided that this latter choice was not forward-looking enough. Choosing Unicode, specifically the UTF-8 encoding, will allow us to port to other languages more easily. This article is an accumulation of my learnings configuring my Mac to default to UTF-8 wherever possible. Fortunately, most of the common utilities have preferences to change that default, although the prefs are different for each App. In a future post I hope to explore switching that to UTF-8 as well.

VLC Encoding unter Mac OS X

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