How to insert header on only one page mac

Setting Headers and Footers in Word for Mac - dummies

The procedure for making a custom first page footer is similar to the one we just outlined for the header. From the Ribbon, hit Insert and then Footer , and the set your own design.

Use the process outlined in the section below. This will be shown in every subsequent page in your Word file. Once done, close the header design tab.

Add headers, footers, and page numbers

Limiting the footer to the first page only is essentially similar to the process we just highlighted for the header. Insert , then Header and page number and then go ahead and select Footer.

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Getting rid of both header and footer text starting the second page in both Google Docs and Word is pretty common, and actually done in the same way we just shown. Under the page Number dialog, you can simply select the numbering format that matches your needs as shown below:. You are here: The original page 2 text flows upwards to take the removed text's place.

You have now restricted your heading to the first visual page of your document. On the second section, there will be no need to click Document on the toolbar, and deselect Match previous section in the Section panel as it is already unchecked from the above procedure. Posted on Dec 10, Page content loaded. Dec 10, One method is to create a Text box click the "Text" button , place the first page header information in that, set the box to Stay on Page, and place the text box on the header location.

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Start the page numbering on page 3 (or another page)

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