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To create a simple Firefox backup, first, close the Firefox browser. After that, go to the terminal and enter the compression command.

When the process is done, you have a basic, unlocked backup of Firefox. Feel free to put it on your NextCloud server, Dropbox account, external hard drive and etc.

Note: if you choose not to encrypt your Firefox profile Tar archive, keep in mind that you are making yourself vulnerable. From there, they can access passwords, history, email addresses, credit card information, etc. Be sure that if you are planning to skip the encryption step below that you upload your backup to an account with a secure password that only you know! You can customize Firefox profile to suit your Selenium automation requirement. Also, Firefox or any other browser handles the SSL certificates settings.

Firefox Profile Missing Popup all the time.

So automating them makes a lot of sense along with the test execution code. In short a profile is a user's personal settings. When you want to run a reliable automation on a Firefox browser, it is recommended to make a separate profile. In this tutorial, you will learn- Location of your profile folder in the disk How to create a Firefox profile Automation Script for Selenium Firefox Profile Example 1 Firefox Profile Example 2 Location of your profile folder in the disk Firefox profile is just like different users using Firefox.

Firefox saves personal information such as bookmarks, passwords, and user preferences which can be edited, deleted or created using the program manager. Step 1 First of all close the Firefox if open. Click on next Step 5 Give your profile name which you want to create and click on finish button Now your profile is ready you can select your profile and open Firefox.

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You will notice that the new Firefox window will not show any of your Bookmarks and Favorite icons. Note: The last selected profile, will load automatically at next Firefox launch. You will need to restart profile manager if you wish to change profiles. Automation Script for Selenium To access newly created Firefox profile in Selenium Webdriver software test, we need to use webdrivers inbuilt class 'profilesIni' and it's method getProfile as shown below.

Selenium code for the profile This is a code to implement a profile, which can be embedded in the selenium code. File; import java. TimeUnit; import org. WebDriver; import org.

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Our newsletter is typed with care for all the Mac-loving app-connoisseurs. Subscribe for a few notes from us each month containing app tutorials, productivity tips, and the latest Mac buzz. Try free. What are the most frequent problems with Firefox? Quick navigation: Firefox runs slow, hangs or keeps freezing Firefox crashes unexpectedly or won't open Firefox shows errors loading websites Firefox is just generally behaving incorrectly Why is Firefox so slow, hangs or keeps freezing? Here we've listed some suggestions that should get your Firefox run faster.

Close inactive tabs See how many tabs you have opened. Clear Firefox cookies and cache All the websites you visit leave behind cached image files, which are supposed to speed up load times, and cookies, which can save you from having to log in over and over. Update Firefox and macOS If closing tabs and clearing the cache didn't work, it's a good idea to update Firefox and macOS to its latest versions.

See what consumes hardware resources If the problem persists, check for high hardware resource usage. Troubleshoot plugins and extensions When Firefox stops responding to your clicks it's very likely that one of your installed plugins is the culprit.

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Stop loading Flash content Preventing Flash content from loading automatically deserves a separate explanation. It all takes you to the same place. Change the dropdown from Always Activate to Ask to Activate. After that, websites will display an Activate Adobe Flash button in place of Flash content, and all you have to do is click that to allow Flash to display it.

Mozilla Firefox crashes unexpectedly or won't open Whether Firefox shows you an error message every time you try to launch the app or right when you're in the middle of a working session, there is only one way to fix that — reinstall the application. To reset the Firefox browser app on mac: Launch CleanMyMac Go to the Uninstaller tab Choose Firefox from the list Choose Application reset and click Uninstall round button There are rare cases when the "Firefox quit unexpectedly" message could be caused by the Mac security update.

Firefox shows errors loading websites So your Firefox is fast and doesn't randomly quit, but still doesn't seem to load websites.

How to fix Firefox starting with a blank user profile

Check your network connection Turn your modem off and on helps in nearly all cases. Launch websites in other browsers If your WiFi network seems to be fine, it's good to check whether the connection works in other browsers, like Safari or Chrome, just to make sure that the problem in fact is with Firefox specifically. Fix the proxy server issue If upon loading the website you get the "Proxy server is refusing connections" message, there is an easy fix for that.

Validate the security certificate In case Firefox shows you that it has troubles validating some website's security certificate, it might be related to improperly set date and time on your system. Flush DNS cache Another option you can try is flushing the DNS cache, which acts as a temporary database, storing all sorts of connectivity logs and website access attempts. The about:config "This might void your warranty! Click "I accept the risk! Hold down the Ctrl key while you click on the list of preferences. Select New and then select Boolean.

In the "Enter the preference name" field, enter network. Select True when prompted to set the value and click OK. Scan your Mac for malware The last step to try to fix the website loading issue is to check your system for malware. Firefox doesn't work as it should When your Firefox is just generally behaving incorrectly, a few more tips might come in handy. Refresh Firefox There is another clever feature inside Firefox that clears out your extensions and themes, plus resets all the preferences to default, but keeps your personal information intact, including bookmarks, history, open tabs and windows, saved passwords, autofill info, and even cookies.

Open Firefox, and type about:support in the URL bar, which takes you to the Troubleshooting Information page You'll find a lot of information about your browser installation, as well as a big friendly Refresh Firefox button at the top-right You can also get to Safe Mode this way, by clicking the button that says Restart with Add-ons Disabled 3. Create a new Firefox profile For times, when neither options fixed the problem, try creating a fresh Firefox profile, which won't have any of your bookmarks, passwords, and user preferences, but might get rid of the problem.

Turn off hardware acceleration In cases when Safe Mode seemed to fix the problem but checking plugins didn't bring any result, the problem may hide in hardware acceleration, which is off by default in Safe Mode.

FIX!! Your profile cannot be loaded. it may be missing or inaccessible

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