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As far back as , Bernie, whose childhood and early adult life was marked by abject poverty picked up all manner of odd jobs ranging from being a Janitor, cook, a delivery man for Sears and equally as a UPS agent. The list is endless but in addition, he did standup comedy in the Chicago Subway to make a few bucks. He later started up his own weekly gig at the Regal Theatre and became a member of the Comedy club circuit.

The show which won an Emmy and Golden Globe nominations spanned 6 successful years. He got himself a starring role in Mr. Some of his highest grossing movies include; Madagascar: Full Throttle Bennie married his high school darling and girlfriend, Rhonda Gore very early in life on September 17, , at the age of He recalled how his wife stood by him through the thick and thin of his career with her loyalty and support through the long hard years of his budding career in show business.

She married Childress III in but her marriage packed up almost the same time she lost her father, She is a social worker, a life coach, public speaker, blogger who writes to encourage people going through tough times. Horace Gilmore was a widower, he was introduced to Rhonda by her younger sister, Charoni Gibbs in February and they connected emotionally instantly. Three years before the comedian died, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, a disease that is accompanied by inflammation of the lung tissues.

He was admitted in the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in in Chicago. The autopsy conducted showed the veteran actor and humor merchant died of Pneumonia at the age of He left his wife, daughter, and granddaughter and was buried a week after he kicked the bucket. He nods, clucks his tongue and, at last, offers some advice. As I try not to squirm in his bearlike embrace, Mac makes a fist with his other hand.

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After the laughter subsides, the woman heads for the door and bids Mac goodbye. He then offers a parting reminder. In some ways, Mac's comedy was perfectly poised for prime time. His most famous stand-up routine was all about family -- the lifeblood of the sitcom. But its tone was several shades streetier and more explosive than anything Bill Cosby could imagine. He began by saying, ''When a kid get 1 years old, I believe you got the right to hit 'em in the throat or stomach.

His fury was so comically operatic, however, that Mac managed to share a stark, neocon vision of black life without alienating his audience. Whereas TV's other state-of-the-art dad, Ozzy Osbourne, governs his brood with a constantly bleeped mumble, Mac relies on an intimidating physicality.

Bernie Mac

Periodically throughout each episode, he sits in his armchair and directly addresses the audience. The fact that such an imposing figure could feel sufficiently bullied by kids to threaten physical violence was an inspiration of Larry Wilmore, the show's creator. That frustration felt like a TV show to me. This theme wasn't something that would appeal to only black audiences, and that was important to Mac and Wilmore.

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In the 90's, networks like UPN went after black audiences by producing sitcoms heavy on hip-hop attitude and light on wit. This was not Mac's idea of success. I'm funny.

Mac's assimilationist ambitions have less to do with personal politics than with a profound appreciation for his own craft. Mac decided he wanted to be a comedian, he says, when he saw his mother, who was sobbing one afternoon, distracted into chuckles by a comic on TV. Even now, he has a bluesman's understanding of the art.

Mac himself endured his share of pain. He lost his mother and brother to illness by age 16, another brother to violence shortly thereafter and his grandmother shortly after that. Marrying his wife, Rhonda, in , he began a run of lean years, performing in the Chicago subway and driving a Wonder Bread truck. He paid the ego-battering dues of the struggling black comedian. So you got to come with a little extra to satisfy them. These audiences also honed a certain kind of virtuosity.

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Mac's expressive power comes from years of entertaining black audiences who, he says, appreciate storytelling more than one-liners. Like Richard Pryor, he can conjure a character with the subtlest vocal or facial shift. In fact, some of the funniest moments of his sitcom are simple reaction shots, like the suspicious look Mac gives the headmistress of a kindergarten who trumpets her school's ''gender neutral'' philosophy.

That said, the show offers more than mugging and pratfalls.

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Wilmore, who heads a writing team that regularly consults with Mac, has created a show that mercilessly exposes the tensions of life in a modern, racially mixed suburb. While a number of black sitcoms since the 70's have featured a newly affluent family, most offered only the sketchiest of backdrops. The Jeffersons lived in an Upper East Side apartment, period. The Huxtables occupied a parallel universe in which everyone was black. The Macs' social world is Encino, Calif. Humor often arises from Mac's interactions with his white liberal neighbors, whose desire to confront his retrograde parenting rubs up against their unease over racial differences.

In one recent episode, Bernie is angered by a huge phone bill; he jokingly admonishes his wife that they are not ''old-money rich'' but ''nigga rich. It's a great solution. I'm a bad man! View all New York Times newsletters. After seven years, the Bernie Macs are movin' on up. Not that their former residence in the Chicago suburb of Crete was low rent. But Mac's fame has prompted a relocation to a more remote suburb, one where people are less likely to ring the bell at midnight and say, ''Yo, Bernie Mac live here?

Two moving trucks stand outside the front door of the huge, stylishly geometric house, while burly men carry boxes into the open double doors. Inside, Mac is sitting on a kitchen island, drinking bottled water and. She's wearing an old Bernie Mac concert T-shirt and sweat pants. I had to clobber her. I hated to do it, but it had to be done. And you know? I felt bad. But I had peace. Clearly an adept straight woman, she seems content to let her husband adopt whatever domestic role he chooses -- stern taskmaster, roving Lothario, wife beater -- perfectly aware that they're all performances.

The real-life inspirations for the kid-whupped Bernie Mac character are diverse and composite. In the mid's, while raising the teenage Je'Niece, Mac and his wife also took in Mac's year-old niece, Toya, along with her 2-year-old daughter. Around the same time, a friend of the family took in her drug-plagued sister's three children.

While Mac found the strong-willed Toya to be an occasional discipline problem, he was scandalized by his friend's three adoptees. She was crying, saying, 'Mac, man, I wish you could stay. Bust 'em in the head when they talk to you like that. And I started writing. Now vice president of Mac's production company and previously a nurse, Rhonda was always more focused on family. He turns to me.

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Such folksy, gently off-color comedy runs deep in Mac's household, just as it does in his performances. In the context of modern TV, there is something almost prelapsarian to Mac's humor. The eye-rolling laments, the hangdog plea ''Y'all got to pray for me!

Watching the unpacking, Mac continues his hoary boasts. This is clearly an old routine. As he steps farther into the haute-suburban hinterlands, Mac faces a challenge that has undermined many urban-identified artists: Maybe that's why, later the same day, Mac and I end up standing at a counter at Chuck's Gun Shop near the Chicago ghetto neighborhood of Harvey, selecting sidearms for target practice.

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Mac tells me that he has been coming to this shop for 10 years, amassing a collection of pistols, rifles and shotguns for target practice and some hunting. Once inside the shooting gallery, however, Mac doesn't look so peaceful. Wearing headphones, he takes a wide-legged stance and with deafening blasts destroys the man-shaped target at the end of his lane. He may get manicures, but Bernie Mac seems happy to demonstrate he is no cream puff.