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I hope if others have any useful tips and advice about keyboards, that you may choose to also share them here. I used the International Keyboard and it doesn't take long at all before the key combinations become second nature. The only thing you have to watch out for and I still forget is that if you actually want to type an apostrophe or a backquote, you have to hit the space key after it in order to tell Windows that you're not looking to type a special character. I have linked to this valuable comment you have made, from the Original Post : To return to the top of this post, click here.

To make good use of the International keyboard, you need to be aware of the functions now available to you.

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AltGr stands for Alternative Graph. It is a modifier key that is now commonly found on many keyboard layouts. You are my HERO! I need to go and correct something else as well. I'm using a french keyboard right now - it's pretty similar but the 'a' and 'q' are in different places. Also, you'll have to press the shift button to get numbers. Great advice. Do you know how that differs in any of its functions, to how the United States-International keyboard, specifically in relation to typing French?

Does any of the advice given for the United States-International keyboard, work differently for the United Kingdom Extended keyboard? I have noticed that garpike commented in another discussion 2 years ago regarding the international keyboard that :. For those of us who are used to the UK layout, however, and don't want and " swapping places, etc.

French AZERTY Layout

I figured all of the above information out when I was accidentally using the US-International keyboard on a school Chromebook. It took me a while to realize that all my apostrophes were coming out as accent aigus. There is also a keyboard designed for writing in French. This keyboard also gives you access to the special characters required to type in the French language.

However the order of the keys are also different. This comes for the 6 letters on the top left hand corner of the alphabet section of this layout. If you are familiar with a particular style of keyboard, as is my case, it takes extra learning to remember the different positions of the keys. A Mac keyboard is very similar to the varieties available for Windows. Above is a photo of one of the common Mac keyboards. However you will notice that instead of ALT keys, the keys are labelled :. So if you press the Option key, and then the letter you are after, the Mac system will bring up a set of optional characters for you to select from.

So for the keys for "question mark" and "explanation mark" , if you press first Option and then the? Thus for, a letter like e or c , if you press first Option and then the key, then the system will provide you with options for this character to select. The iPad works in a similar way. Yet you instead hold your finger on the virtual key you are after, and if there are options, they will be displayed. All special characters with accents are on the right side of the keyboard after the alphabetic keys. So, you no longer need to memorize any key combinations.

Typing the Letter 'É' on a PC

Maybe someone will find this one easier. I use this compose key app-on and cannot recommend it enough. I'm not that technically inclined but this program is so easy to use even for me.

It's a lot like the international keyboard but I prefer it because there are no dead keys. Search Advanced search…. Members Current visitors.

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I have a laptop with out the number pad. Is there anyway I can type the accents? Any Questions? Your support is entirely optional but tremendously appreciated.